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That which removes your ignorance is called Durga.

That shakti, that energy inside, through which you know Buddha, Krishna, or Durga IS Durga.

Without Durga you cannot understand anything, and so first you have to please your own Energy. Then you will understand what you are doing.

The tiger she rides on symbolizes mind. When you think "I am not Durga," then the tiger rides on you. If you know mind is my tiger, then you are Durga. Most of the people become something that the tiger will ride, but you ride the tiger. This is called Durga. She has a sword in hand to cut any thought that comes. She also has a garland of skulls that she wears around her neck. These skulls mean old thoughts, people who are dead. Most people dwell on past thoughts but you can use these past thoughts as your garland. Don't remember them anymore. These dead men are thoughts that have troubled you, and no other thought comes around your neck other than a dead one. The sword is double edged and so you can even cut those who have come up from behind. Have this much strength and nobody will trouble you. This is how you can become Durga. Ride the tiger, keep a sword and trident in your hand, and simply see that "I am Durga."

People get in trouble only when they do not use the strength of their mind. You must use your intellect to know what will not help you and what will create problems. Use your intellect to foresee the results of things. People do not use the intellect and are driven away, driven by the instinct of their mind. This is the only way to save your Self, to BE FREE, and to help others also.

Happy and Blessed Navratri!


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