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Tantra Vidya

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

True love ...

I feel True Love is,

Makes us forgive our past.

To live with a lighter heart.

Makes us inspired for the future.

To live with a brighter mind.

Makes us care for our present.

To live with a fuller heart

Feel the True Love for,

It heals the emotional injuries.

It kills the sociological voidness.

It nurtures the bold optimism.

it amplifies the truth of animism.

It neither hides or criticise flaws.

Rather motivates to recognise & explore flaws.

True Love is,

To accept life as a collection of

tiny blissful & learning moments

To ample life by having empathy for all

with finding freedom in oneness.

It's not always about romance

But a simple feel of connection

That replete eachother's silence.

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