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Tantra Vidya

Osho Secred Vedic Divine Cosmic Mystic Transcendental Tantra Vidya Reveals...

The divine tantric healing and protection of women is not just for women...

Every human being is born through the womb of a woman and gestates in her body for 9 months. This makes the womb a sacred container and a divine portal through which life is created.

When a woman is violated, the fear & trauma she experiences makes an imprint in this sacred container which stays until and unless it is healed.

In the unfortunate state of humanity, women on this planet have been violated and suppressed for millennia, creating imprints of trauma that carry over lifetime after lifetime in the matrices of our wombs.

These imprints are then passed down energetically to the unborn children who gestate like a sponges in the womb while their bodies and energy fields are just forming.

And so the trauma has spread like a disease of the soul, passed down from mother to child through the generations.

I have seen this again and again in my soul healing work.

We have all been formed in a field of trauma.

All of us... both female and male.

And we see the state of the world today, full of fear and violence, and we wonder why.

If we are ever to see this world a different place, where we live without fear and in a state of love & oneness, the wombs of women need to be recognized and protected as the sacred formers of life & consciousness that they are.

The healing and protection of womb-en is not just for the sake of women; although that should be enough.

It is for all of the unborn children who will come through our wombs and shape the world that we live in.

Our future literally depends on the violation of women coming to an end. This is the reality we live in that cannot be denied and needs to be understood by all.

Let this moment of ‘me too’ be taken to the level where it can really make a difference. Let it lead to the healing & protection of women, and therefore the upliftment of all of humanity for generations to come.

Love Tantra Live Tantra

- Swamiji.

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