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Scarface 1983 Blu-ray 1080p Movies marzeli




. It's a perfectly reasonable expectation that you'd want some formal showing of a film's new high-res format before you lay out a big chunk of money to buy it, especially if it's a film where they've spent a lot of time, effort and money re-mastering it. Weird thing is, the people who have had it for a few weeks who are commenting that it's clear and crisp, and they're not getting the blu-ray artifacts or jaggies they were getting with the DVD, aren't having any of the same problems with the 1080p upscaled image. I noticed the same thing in the Goldeneye UK blu-ray extras. If you turn the frame rate up to 4k (or 50fps, whatever), it looks sharp on the TV, but unless you go to 3k/30fps, the image quality is somehow lower quality, like it's being scaled up too small. I don't get it. The jaggies and any color banding artifacts on the new 1080p is hidden by the lack of a silver-mask on the skin tones, the improved color saturation and the black level detail on the fine details. I thought it was the intended choice for the blu-ray upscaling to upscale a 1080p image to 5k. In any case, we don't know the resolution of the blu-ray image yet. For some reason, I believe that won't be 5k. Quote: I was in a position to test one when it came out. It was clearly better than the SDDVD. It is. It also looks like it is about as good as the 1080p upscaled image in the new blu-rays. Not sure where you're getting this information from. I've had it for a few weeks. It is. It also looks like




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Scarface 1983 Blu-ray 1080p Movies marzeli

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